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What We Offer?

To provide each student a customized and flexible path that will lead to high school graduation, EVEREST HIGH SCHOOL provides the following:

¨ A computer to use in school to access on-line curriculum with teacher guidance, support and supervision.

¨ The opportunity to pass end-of-course exams where test preparation is incorporated into the core curriculum.

¨ The credit flexibility option which permits students to earn high school credit through completion of career-based independent projects.

¨ The opportunity to participate in extra-curricular programs provided by Reynoldsburg City Schools for students living within Reynoldsburg City School District

¨ Special education services via certified intervention specialists to students who qualify for IEP and 504 support.


Everest High school provides two distinct paths to graduation. The first pathway is career and college preparation. This particular track prepares students through a variety of course offerings geared toward the rigor of the college curriculum. Students will also prepare to take end-of-course examinations. Students will have the opportunity to take either the SAT or ACT. Advanced Placement courses are also available.

Everest High School develops an Individual Graduation and Career Plan that will customize the curriculum for each student.

Students participating in the college track will have access to post-secondary education opportunities through our partnerships with Columbus State Community College and Central Ohio Technical College. Every student will also be involved in soft skill acquisition to assist students with college preparedness and work readiness.

Career-Based Intervention

Career-Based Intervention provides a focus on employability, while preparing students to be both college and career ready. It is also a way for students to get credit for working a job and practicing skills that they learn in the classroom while on the job. Students in this program will work toward a Career Passport, which is a tangible product that they can take with them for colleges and employers to review. Students will also complete job shadowing experiences and interact with professionals from various career clusters offered in the state of Ohio.


Every student will complete several Career Interest Surveys that will narrow down and pinpoint career fields and career pathways in which students are interested. Also, all students will have Success Plans which are tailored toward students’ career interests and allow students and their teacher to track their progress throughout high school. In addition, students will explore the Ohio Means Jobs website to learn more about careers and explore options available to them after they graduate from high school.

Senior-Only Programs

Everest High School has partnered with Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical Schools to offer two new exciting programs starting in the fall of 2017. These new programs are a part of the alternative pathway for students to graduate with a diploma in the state of Ohio and by having the required number of credit hours. With the alternative pathway, students will need to obtain a credential as well as obtain a passing score on a WorkKeys assessment. For students interested in the senior-only option, the programs of Business/Finance with Microsoft Office Specialist and Education and Training/Early Childhood Education will be offered. Students must also get a passing score on the WorkKeys assessment as part of graduation requirements.

Senior-only programs also allow students to graduate from high school with an industry-recognized credential. These credentials allow prospective employers to know that students have competence in a given career field and are job-ready.

Everest Institute

For students interested in an allied health major, Everest High School is partnering with Everest Institute to provide students with access to these majors while in high school. Students can work on credits toward graduation as they obtain a credential, but will need to pass end-of-course exams or earn a remediation-free score on the SAT or ACT in order to earn a high school diploma.

For more information please contact either:

James M. Fullen, Superintendent. Phone: 614-367-1982

Jeremy Jeffery, Career-Technical Coordinator. Phone: 614-367-1980

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